Monday, February 28, 2011

Business Card Nicole Loumeau

anthony abbott - business card

This will look like a normal business card. However you can slide the bottom concrete portion of the card to make it a billboard.
This will be set up so that toothpicks reinforce the two Billboard posts. It will be cut out
as above shown in the first picture. The bottom concrete attachment can slide out from the original position.

Abby Young: Business Card (Mini Manilla Folder)

Tiffany Wallace - Business Card

Here is a pic of my business card. I didn't know how to show my idea in the design of it, so I decided to just make one. It's a little messed up, but you get the idea...

Miriam Blanco - Business Card

Jon Niu-Business card

The grey is just background to make it easier to see. The first is what it looks like folded. The second unfolded. The third is the inside of the card.

cate todd business card

Sean Good - business card



Some explanation may be needed:

1. The 'grey' ink is actually metallic foil.
2. The lines on the back represent raised, thick gel ink. Gives the business card a distinct texture so even a blind person can find it in their Rolodex.
3. The hole in the center will have a piece of color spectrum prism plastic in it. Remember when you were in elementary school science and they gave you those glasses that let you see the entire color spectrum? Yeah, that's the stuff.

Ryan Ray Business Card

Mariangela Mazzei - Business Card


My objective as a Photojournalist is to allow others to see the world through my eyes. From the story I tell them, they are then free to form their own opinions.

Scott Peart Biz Card

Jordan Carroll-Business Card



(The blue square on the front can be an optional pocket to put a slip of
paper in, which the client can make a note on.)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Travis Meidell: Business Card

My business card comes to you in a tiny little plastic case, like a good comic should. The front is designed like a comic book and the back has 5 fun (completely true) facts. The case is removable and the card will eventually be able to be opened like a comic book, with a short story inside. For now though, you just get to see the front and back.


Brad Faber | Business Card

This may require some explanation.

This is a double-sided, 3-dimensional card (2"x3.5"x1/4"). On one side my contact information, and on the other side a lil treat.

The backside will feature a pullstring which when pulled will allow baking soda and food colored vinegar to be mixed and foam out of the top of the straw.

Business Card -- Derek Gurr

Chelsea Sargent — Business Card

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Summer Holm Business Card

Here are the three colors that i used.

The business card has all the information and company name punched out, but because the card inside is the same color, you can't see it. But as you pull it out, the text will be revealed because the back of the card sleeve is charcoal blue.



Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lauren Flores — business card!

I couldn't decide which one I liked more!
This would be the front of the card though:

Andrew Tiu - Business Card

Above: Business card in the form of puzzle pieces.
Below:On the back of each card is a piece of a bigger picture of me. (May possibly throw in a small q-code on the other side to track where all my pieces are.)

Scott Stevens Business Card

Or Business Etch-a-sketch

Monday, February 14, 2011

Nicole Loumeau

Tiffany Wallace - Typography poster

Anthony - Visual Comms-Poster

I decided to break the words down to their elements.... As the class breaks down the individual elements and principles that go into creating and effective message.

Jordan Carroll- Typography Poster

Cate Todd- typography

Try It Poster

Emmanuel Nnah Typography Poster

The Viz Eye Exam

Art/ Bryce DeFoe Cline

Emmanuel Nnah Typography Poster

Ryan Ray Typography

Scott Stevens - Typography Poster

Derek's Viz ad

Jon Niu- Typography Assignment