Tuesday, September 27, 2011


No explaination needed...

First time illustrator experience, the project speaks for itself.



Katie's Text Phrase

Mike Harding

Chrysler La Baron

College-esque type. A powerful gradient. Beams of light streaming from below. Like the lights of Miami on a hot summer night, with the ocean breeze blowing through your hair as you speed along in your Chrysler La Baron convertible. 

kristen's gestalt thangs

I am not a Art Director. Thank you

around the bend, rise and shout

The more you know, the less you need

Around the Bend

Marty's Rise and Shout

Tay's Around the Bend

Gestalt with words

Needs Shout

Monday, September 26, 2011

Umbro Gastalt!

Gestalt All Around--Laura Coalwell

Mitch Stevens- Gestalt Logo (Similarity)

I chose to create a logo using the Similarity principle of the Gestalt theory. Recently, I have been doing a lot with Proof Sunglasses. Part of the strategy for this branding campaign is that proof allows the consumer to stand out in order to fit in by wearing a pair of sunglasses that are different and unique, but that aren't too bizarre looking. This idea of dissimilarity seemed to match that idea, so I created a logo to match in which all the squares appear to be from the same piece of wood but they are, in fact, all unique. Then, with the repetition of those wood squares, I was able to create a break in the pattern where I placed the known Proof lettering. This dissimilarity, I feel, draws attention to the brand name and the concept of the product as well.

Kristens logo

Gestalt Principles



The Most Intense Chess Club Ever

 I created a logo using the Gestalt Principles of closure and figure/ground relationship.

Taylor's Gestalt Examples:


Matt Patrick

Nothing like a little fresh fried calamari. After all, I did make seafood wontons with a tangy sweet and sour sauce for Sunday dinner.

Becca's Gestalt Logo

This is a Logo I made for my Mom's wedding flower business. I created it in a way that the space in-between the two words makes the stems for the bouquet. Also I drew the flowers "gestalt-style" so your eye connects all the lines.

Katie's Gestalt Examples

Similarity: The Rock Canyon Bank logo uses similarity between the triangles and the negative space between the triangles.
The arrow between the "U" leads the eye from "UP" to "PUSH-"
 Proximity: The individual lines black lines are placed closely together to build the two Xs in  Nexxus. They also form a image of a hair strand follicle.

 Anomally: The lettering starts with white, which makes the yellow letters stand out more. This makes "WAY" in "SUBWAY" stand out, showing that Subway isn't just food, but can be a way of life
Closure: The empty part of the "D" creates the illusion of a hammer head. Even though the hammer isn't really there, our eyes can still see it.