Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Composition Photogrpahy

Point of View

Photographing my jewelry in a new way made it beautiful to me again. It had become quite mundane after looking down at all of it every day on my way out the door. Taking the time to find the right angle, and really having to look at what I was taking a picture of, livened up these necklaces for me again. In Photoshop, I sharpened up the bottom of the picture a little bit to give an even more startling effect than just the focus created through the camera.


I had one minute to take this wonderfully balanced shot. Although there are not several objects working together to create balance, the symmetry of this clock creates a perfect balance all by itself. In Photoshop, I highlighted the dark metal around the outer rim of the clock to give it a more weathered, grungy look. I also brought out the brightness of the right side because of the glare that was already in the photo. The light on the right and the dark on the left seem to add even more balance.


This photo is obviously a subject in front of a background. This shot calls attention to the subject even though there are designs and cool textures on the background behind her. In Photoshop, I added focus to my subject, which in turn blurred the chalkboard behind her, giving the chalkboard even more of a creamy, chalkboard-y vibe. I also did some very minor touch-up on my subject. 

Composicion asignacion

This is a balance board I made.  I tried to use the techniques/ strategies of point of view, rule of thirds, and bi-lateral symmetry.  I flipped this photo upside down to get a different feel/perspective as if kneeling in front of board/person.  I also used photoshop to increase the sharpness and decrease the saturation in hopes of creating a more story-like image.

This is Jory, my favorite near-human object.  She holds my hats for me.  I tried to incorporate an asymetrical balance of LIGHT weight, if your liftin up what I'm pushin down.  Shadows on one side of the face, and light on the other, with an equal light distribution on the hat thats blended into the shadows, helping the face stick out a little more as the primary subject.  I used photoshop to play with the colors of the hat- dimming them down a bit, as well as playing with the curves/harshness of certain lights.

Just for funsies.

This is my lovely cello.   Going for symmetry and rule of thirds.  I had to balance it against the wall pretty well to get the balanced photo I wanted.  I used photoshop to get rid of the outlet to the right of the cello, as well as change the tone, black and white, and feel of the photo to bring it out and make it look old, almost making it look like a small viola/violin.  I screwed up on the shadows...I also wish I would have cropped it differently.  But there tis!

Monday, January 25, 2016


I love the Lord's call to action - that we let our light so shine.  I manipulated this picture on photoshop - originally it was five candles with flames burning brightly.  But how cool would it be if the flames spelled out the word 'light?' I picked a script font to match the way the letters came out over the candles and left the font white.  The white stands out against the black background and gives the feeling that the phrase "Let your light so shine" is shining, just like the flames.

Composition Assignment


I felt that the four pillars against the tile centered balanced nicely with an emphasis on the green tile. I applied a hue/saturation tone on photoshop and liked how it came out, the coloring made it seem darker in the evening and gives it a brooding feel. The feet slightly draw attention away from the green center but your eyes are almost drawn back to the color every time.

                                                                   Point of View

This perspective shows everything in frame but from the level of the table that its on, which I really liked. I played around with the Hue/Saturation and different color effects until I was able to brighten it up and give it the effect I was going for. The perspective and angle of the photo is what makes it interesting. I also cropped it so that the attention was focused more on the candle and plant than on the background.


I used photoshop to accentuate the green color of the plant contrasted against the picture frames on the wall. The symmetry of the picture frames contrasted against the plant has a good balance and draws attention to the focus of the picture.

- Joann

Composition Assignment

Composition Assignment
Ania Rdzyń


The ducks are the subjects in this photo and the water is the background.

Photoshop: I changed the settings for vibrance and saturation to make it look like the picture was taken during the sunset.

Point of View:

I was walking along the Provo river and this is one of the tunnels under one of the bridges that goes across the river.

Photoshop: I changed the settings for contrast and brightness to make the colors look more vibrant.


I saw these two trees while walking along the Provo river and thought they balance each other out nicely.

Photoshop: I changed the photo to black and white and sharpened it. I also changed the contrast and brightness.



I felt like this photo was balanced because it shows the reflection of the light on the ceiling and the water. That helps your eye move from top to bottom. On photoshop I increased the brightness to make the light pop out more.

Subject background: 
 I like this photo. It shows a girl in the foreground looking at her phone and the beautiful mountain range in the background. In photoshop I played with the hues, saturation levels,  and contrast.

Point of View:
This photo is of a swimmer and a coach working through a practice together.  instead of taking the picture at their level, I got up on a life guard stand to show that the coach and the swimmer were working through it on the same level. On photoshop I tried to blur the  the background and sharpen the swimmer and the coach to make them the focus of the photo.

Composition photography

Subject: My subject is the snowman in this picture and to emphasize that I upped the contrast in photoshop to darken out the unimportant buildings in the background, but then it was a little too dark so I added the white frame vignette thing that just highlights my subject a little more.

Balance: This photo uses the principles of balance because I have an object on either side of a footprint path. The rock is a little bigger in the foreground, but the bright red words on the sign add the necessary balance I think. This photo was initially pretty dark, so I lightened it up a little and you can see the path better.

Point of View: I thought this was a cool point of view that is not seen very often. This is just on the side of the road and not many people stop to admire the fence while walking. I think this is interesting because the fence appears to be leading to the road, but it actually doesn't. I gave this photo a silvery tint in photoshop.

Composition Assignment

Composition Assignment - Matthew Gay

Picture #1- Point of View - I find this picture fascinating. I opened up my washing machine, turned on the flash of my camera, stuck the camera inside the machine, and took the picture. We rarely, if ever, stick our heads into the washing machine to see what its like in there. I was pleasantly surprised. I'm happy that my clothes have such a magical place to become clean.

Picture #2- Subject - Taking a closer look into this picture allows us to see how fragile and beautiful snow is. The footprint shows exactly what the bottom of the shoe looks like. On the each side of the footprint, you can a crack in the snow, which shows that the snow is willing to move where we move it.
Picture #3 - Balance - The picture is fairly heavy in the top right, with the leaves, Smarties wrapper, and part of the hose. The picture is also slightly darker in the top right corner. The bottom left part of the picture balances it out. The yellow nozzle of the hose is quite heavy. Also, the picture brightens up near the hose. It is a very interesting picture that balances itself out very well.


This photo represent balance. The purple hues in the photo are balanced by the blues and other dark hues in the photograph. In editing this photo I changed the exposure and distorted the levels to make the sign appear more purple/pink than its original red. Location: Muse Music Cafe, Provo.
This picture shows subject & background. I wanted to illustrate the temple and the scriptures as being a key to making it to the temple. I changed the photo to black and white to make it a little more compelling while also adjusting the contrast, brightness and exposure to make the scriptures pop a bit more. Location: Provo City Center Temple.

This photo represents perspective. Many pictures of the temple I have seen show the entire temple, but I liked the perspective of the steeple against the cloudy sky. I darkened the temple so it would stand out a bit more against the gray sky. Location: Provo City Center Temple.

Composition in Mountains

This weekend I couldn't get over how beautiful the mountains around us are. So I took over a hundred photos of them, haha. Here are some of my favorites - 

This photo was taken in Morgan canyon while I was home on Sunday. It had snowed buckets up there, which this mountain perfect portrayed. The sky was crystal clear without a cloud in the sky. This focuses on POINT OF VIEW - capturing a different angle that is normally viewed. This photo also uses the rule of thirds. The gradient of the blue sky (darker on top to lighter towards the mountain) balances the white space of the photograph. I used photoshop to make this gradient. 

This photo was taken at dawn on my way to work. I literally pulled over on the highway to get this one. I love the angle of the mountain - everything is streaming to the left.  This photo shows BALANCE. It is also composed in the bottom third of the photo, using the rule of thirds. It's almost cut into 3 parts with the mountain, the rising reds, and the purple sky above, balancing the three. I used Photoshop to accentuate the reds and pinks. 

This photo is up Provo canyon. I was going for SUBJECT on this photo - such a strong presence. It also uses the Rule of Thirds, but without as much white space as the previous two. I love the color shown in the dramatic contrast between white and black, as well as the lines throughout the shot. I used photoshop to get rid of a cloud in the upper right corner, making the photo more balanced.

Photography composition Assignment #1

I used the histogram and edited the lighting and shadows on each one of these. I also used the spot remover.

This is my subject background picture. My sister is obviously the subject, and she is standing in frnt of snow covered evergreens and a huge wall of snow.

This photo is both balance & point of view. I was on a bridge overlooking the river, but not directly over it, which I gave a different picture than just being right on the bank of the river. I tried to balance the river with the dark green trees, since there is so much grey/white/blue in the picture, those are the darkest colors. Theres also a tall darkish tree right in the center. I seriously don't know how that fisherman was not dying of cold though.

I tried to achieve balance in this photo with the dark tree branch in the foreground and all of the christmas lights in the background. This picture was also point of view, as I tried to get really close in on the tree.

Composition Assignment - Subject, Balance, POV


It's North! I love opening up my camera's iris to work with shallow depth of field. Here's my beautiful subject North, more specifically, her blue eyes, which rest in focus, while the fore and background fade into blur. The contrast of her fur to the blurred pastels help to create clarity of subject.

The Beautiful White snow and ice up at Sundance create the perfect contrasting balance against the all dark greys and brown's of Jesi's outfit, and all else to the left of the central divide. This perfect line that extends from nearly total top to bottom creates clear delineation and contrasting balance. 


It's my other daughter! Aspen! She has a great smile. I love this picture because of the point of view. This is how I see her, looking at her from above, every time my car pools in the driveway. She comes to the gate, and slides as much of her body under it as she can, to get as close to me as she can. This high angle is a perspective true to the scenario and subject matter, and gives a uniquely wonderful point of view that no one but me gets to see :)

Photo Assignment #1: Composition

This is a photo a took during the Sundance Film Festival this weekend. For this particular photo's composition I incorporated the use of subject/background. The shallow depth of field enhances the subject in this photo and makes the busy street with traffic, people, and building less distracting for the viewer. In photoshop I used the selection tool to select the subject, inverse the selection to the background, and reduce the exposure to improve the washed out image. 
In this photo I used light to help create the composition of the image. In this particular book store, there was a light on the ceiling shining directly above the subject. In photoshopped I darkened the corners to enhance the element of light. This helped me make sense of the composition, among the busy books that filled the bookshelves. In addition, the bookshelves created an element of symmetry and lead the viewer to look at the subject.
This unique photo is an example of the graphical weight images have to create composition. For example, if the content of the photo is aligned on a plane, it will help understand the subject. I used the element of balance to create composition in this photo. (The driver's window v. the windshield, the lateral panel separating the windows v. the steering wheel and speed gauge, the girl v. the side rear view mirror v. the orange light passing the car) In photoshop I used the vibrance tool to bring out the richness in color in this photo. 

Lauren Stolworthy

Composition Assignment

I liked the lines from the track- I couldn't quite figure out if the station toward the back would qualify for rule of thirds? I straightened out the picture, increased contrast and layered a filter to add to the "dreary weather"esque look.

Point of View
I thought the wood was so pretty and that the grapefruit was presented in a chic, classy way so like any food blogger would do I stood up to take the picture. Food just looks better that way. I straightened and cropped the picture so the napkin was straight, although I wish I had straightened the napkin in person so it would align with the wood table lines. I brightened the picture, increased contrast and slight saturation.  

I wanted to focus on what we were doing, playing cards, but also remember the coziness, who I was with, what the atmosphere in the room was.  I darkened the shadows, increased contrast and sharpened it a bit.

Backyard Photos

This is my Point of View shot. In photoshop I cropped the image and added a little more brightness to the red of the tricycle as well as the blue of the sky. I like this photo because it shows the bike more from a child's point of view and the hope that the snow will soon go away and that the fun times of summer are approaching.

This is my subject/background shot. The elements in photoshop that I used were to bring out the blue of the cat and fading out the wooden fence in the background so the cat could be more prominent.

This is my balance shot. I decided to fill the frame with the tree because I liked showing the balance between the branches in the foreground and the sky in the background. In photoshop I decided to make this picture black and white because it represents the harshness and darkness of winter.

Composition Photography "New"

The Musician & His Mistress
The focus of this photo has two parts--the blue piano, and the empty stool. Where is the musician? The subject not only tells a story, but forces the viewer to make up characters and a plot.

As far as photo shop, I dimmed the background to force the eye to the piano and stool. I still left some color in the painted car on the wall to keep the photo balanced. I then dulled the colors and warmed them, making it look like an older image--to match the old piano feel of the image.


Crisp at North Park
I spent some time going over the balance videos that were shown in class and attempted to play with the most difficult of balancing photos --space as a balancer. The tree to the far right takes up a lot of space and is very dark, while a much smaller tree takes up the near center. At first it appears that the photo is heavier to the right, but I made sure that the far left had a heavy amount of space and 'blank clouds' to offset the heavy right. Heavy space with a heavy mass across a vertical fulcrum keep the photo balanced (Note I had to take a lot of photos for this one).
       As far as photo shop, I made the clouds on the far left much lighter to create that balance and increased the contrast in the photo. Increasing the contrast allows the viewer to focus on the house instead of the sunset.

Point of View
What to Eat...?
We are so used to looking into the refrigerator for food...but what does that look like in the point of view of the food? Or in my case, the empty shelves?

I changed the photo to a black and white because the contrast of my dark clothing to the white refrigerator is appealing to the eye. The black bottles in contrast to the white refrigerator door also attract the eye, showing everyday items one may find if they open up their fridge.  I lessened the light that comes through the window in the background so it no longer is the first thing the viewer sees.

Carla Swensen
Comms313 Section 1

Photo Assignment 1: Composition

Subject: There's no questioning this man's prominence and majesty. Shirtless in the snow. I increased the contrast ever so slightly, but his dark figure already stood out nicely against the light background.

Balance: The railing in the middle splits the photo in half nicely and provides some good balance. I played with the exposure to make the light pop and also brought out some of the green on the lefthand side.

Point of View: From above, this Hulk looks especially powerful. From the front, he looks kinda tiny and weak. The point of view changed the whole feeling of the piece. The cracked ground below also emphasizes his strength, power, and might. He's really only 2 inches tall. I changed the exposure so the cracked ground came out more.