Thursday, October 30, 2014

Composition -- (Photographs)

In this picture, I was trying for balance. I thought that a silhouette of Brother Brigham would be the most interesting. I think with the sun behind him, it made him look a little more angelic and prominent in the picture. The building behind him was meant to balance him out. The small little steeple on the for left side of the page I felt brought a little more balance to his dominate figure.   

While I was trying to come up with something interesting to shoot, my roommate sat on the couch, studying for his chemistry mid-term. As he was studying, he made some comment about wanting to stab himself in the face, and that's where I got the idea for this one. I thought that having him point a gun to his head while reading his chemistry text book would get the message across and be a little less graphic. I also thought that because it was a darker theme, switching my iPhone to Noir mode would be the most appropriate. And while I was in noir, I figured I might as well go Dutch on the angle as well. I think Mike, the gun and the Chemistry book are quite obviously the subject of the photograph, while the air unit, the cable and the door remain background elements that add to the shot, but don't draw attention to themselves.


This one simply came when washing my hands. For some reason I thought, I wonder what life looks like as a drain. So I put the camera in the sink and took a picture. I wasn't expecting the image to be upside down when I took it (it just kind of turned out that way)-- but I think that it ads to the perspective to the drain. Maybe the drain does see me upside down.   

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Composition/Photography *NEW*

Subject/Background: For this picture I chose a picture of a concentration camp from my mission. The background is light and not as in focus, making the dark gate pop even more.
Balance: By placing a person at the the front of end of this bike, it balances out the left and right side.
Point of View: Taking a selfie can be pretty boring, even if you take it in a mirror. But if you take a selfie in a box of mirrors, it becomes magical.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Composition/Photography *NEW* - Dan Haslam

Subject/Background: For this picture I chose to use the Soccer Tag from a student athlete bag.  The background is blurred to give focus to the subject and the tag.

Balance: This picture was meant to balance with the grand stands, building and the Soccer flag.

Point of View: The Point of View photo is depicting the view from food as us humans open the fridge and look for something to eat!!!

Grid assignment

Rule of thirds was used to set the photo correctly, and I put the text on the other side to balance out the whole view. White was used just like the boat to keep the whole view simple and uncluttered so the sense of openness is retained. 

Rule of thirds in a photograph.

So I took this picture of the courthouse in Denver. I framed using the rule of thirds. The plaza in the lower thirds, the building in the middle thirds and finally the sky in the upper part.

Using the grid helps to give a lot more depth to the picture. Also, the architect planned this building so that the front glass reflects the city skyline.

The flags are also roughly positioned in near the intersection of thirds.

The love of money

The words "I Love YOU" are line up along the thirds lines with the word love at the intersection of thirds. The color green for the words "I" and "YOU" and the background picture of gold represent money or wealth and the word "love" has black filling out the letters from the inside representing the idea that the love of money or wealth will corrupt you from the inside.

Composition/Grids Assignment

I took this picture of my friend with the intent of using the rule of thirds. As you can see I placed her to the side of the frame. The weeds in the background create a line pointing the eye towards her head  and the weeds also take up two thirds of the frame. I then added one of my favorite quotes in the empty space. I did it in a way so that the text would balance asymmetrically to the side with my friend.

Never swim alone

I took this photo of my four-year-old sister at the dinosaur museum. It is composed with the rule of thirds, as the subject of the photo (my sister) is located on the bottom third plane. For the text, I used a font that I felt was appropriate for the feeling of the photo. It conveys warning. I also made the word "never" in a different color and slightly larger font to emphasize that word.
On a side note, this is one of my favorite photos of my little sister because she refused to look at me and smile because she was afraid that if she did, the shark would eat her while she wasn't looking!

Composition for Oranges

The colors I chose were orange, yellow and green. They're typical colors when associated with oranges and it's also the reason I chose "Sunshine" as the type.

The font is supposed to suggest carefree happiness.

Composition-wise, the design is fairly standard. The orange is dead-center in the picture. The leaf on the orange is along the center, as is the type. However, the type is slightly tilted, which makes it more interesting.

Oranges are delicious.

Grids, Colors, and Futbol.

I used a grid of 3s to frame the stadium and then a grid of 5s to place the text.
The color is balenced between the green grass, the red chairs and the blue sky/dark roofing within that grid of 3s, virticaly.

This is a club futbol stadium belonging to a team called Benfica, located in Lisbon Portugal.


I choose this image because the composition and balance has evidence of asymmetry. my darker shirt balances her long dark hair and because she is wearing such a visually demanding shirt with bright colors and strng patterns lower int he image it helps ground the image. also because were slightly of center and Im out of frame a touch it follows the rule of thirds.

Stop to smell the roses

I used a grid (3x3) to position the rose and lettering to make it eye-appealing. The lettering is in a font that looks sweet and moving and I arc'd it to look as if it is headed into the rose to drag the eye from the words to the actual rose. I had originally written the word rose but removed it and just used the image instead to emphasize the effect of stopping everything (even reading/writing) to actually look at and admire the rose.

Grid Composition: #FeedTheHippos

I aligned the hippos to on an intersection of the 3x3 grid, as well as both of the sections of text on different intersections.

As this was a mock PSA almost, I wanted the text to be bold and powerful, which is why I chose the sans serif font that I did, as well as putting the headline in all caps. I also put the background and text in black and white to make it more powerful, as well as to contrast the bright colors of the hippos.

e&e's, Composition and Grid

I used a 3x3 grid to create this, and centered the red m&m on the top left vertex. The text is aligned with the top horizontal line and the left vertical line, and is Charlemagne Standard. This text is bold and attractive, and I believe helps to complement the message.

The idea came to me, while I was munching on my m&m's, that when turned sideways they are remarkably similar to little 'E's.

Creative Assignment 10- Composition/Grid

The eye is automatically drawn to the center of the picture to the Eiffel Tower as the subject matter of the picture. It can be described as symmetry because the Eiffel Tower is in the center and the words on both sides of it balance the picture. I used value contrast in the typography and made the words black so they would stand out against the light background. 


For this project I used a picture that I took the last time that I was at the beach. Although it may not be obvious, I used the grid to divide the picture into thirds, and to crop it that way. The quote I used has always been one of my favorites. This picture is meant to express a soft, relaxed feeling and I feel like the division, the photo color and the quote all make it express those feelings.


I actually saw this saying on a T shirt about 3 years ago. It has stuck with me ever since and has become a motto of sorts for me. I wanted an image showing a free spirited person, and I wanted something to do with balloons. This was perfect. I loved the slightly muted complimentary colors of the balloons. I decided to add a bit of a fairytale element to the image so I did a low poly composite of each balloon. I used the 3 x 3 grid matrix and tried to create balance by placing the text in the opposite cross point as the balloons. I originally had the word “fear” colored the same way as the balloons, but it became a bit too much and short changed the message. I used a Microsoft Tai Le Bold font. It was still sophisticated but more rounded than Helvetica. 

The World Is a Swing

I aligned this image so that the the darker shades of blue that comes from the darker clouds is on the bottom horizontal third line and leads your eye to the main subject (the dude swinging), which also is on an intersection of two thirds lines. I placed the darker heavier blue text on an intersection of two thirds lines as well (the opposite intersection from the subject). The text is blue with hints of green to unify the greens and blues in the image. I faded graduated the exclamation points to give a feel of motion.

I chose this image because my family comes from Mexico and I am proud of my heritage. It was very convenient that this image was already split into thirds and that it is almost completely symmetrical. I tried my best to put my family's name in the center of the image to maintain it's symmetry.  

I took this picture while on a duck hunting trip. Mostly I was going for the rule of thirds.  The duck decoy's eye is aligned with the bottom left intersection for rule of thirds, also the dog runs along the right third of the picture and his back ends near the intersection of the upper right thirds.  Finally the horizon runs along the top third of the picture.

Hakuna Matata

I left the grid there to aid in my explanation. In my photo, text, color design I went with the concept of Hakuna Matata- meaning no worries. I tried to go with mostly cool colors in the words because colors like blue help you relax and that's what hakuna matata does, it helps you relax. I choose a unique typface that has both curves and a geometric quality because it goes with the illustration of the lion and because it is exotic. When I think of Hakuna Matata I think of taking a vacation and most glamorous vacations are exotic. I tried to use the grid to place each item in an intersection so that it would have a pleasing balance. I didn't want anything to feel off kilter because its supposed to be a calming and pleasing poster.

Composition/Photography - Dan Haslam

Radial Symmetry: I love sports, so I often look at sports fields and basketball courts and look at how they are created and the style of them.  This court by Oregon is the perfect example of radial symmetry because it can be cut several different ways and for the most part it reflects itself.

Asymmetric Balance: This picture of the mountains, rocks and lake reflect a perfect Asymmetric layout.  The photo is not centered but does not look like anything is in place by accident.  It all comes together and balances itself beautifully to create this great photo.

Bilateral Symmetry: This typical and normal Hyundai logo goes perfectly with the Bilateral Symmetry concept because it was created in a way where it could be cut directly in half.  It was brilliantly created to naturally be beautiful to the eye.

composition assignment

I chose this sailboat/pirate ship because I really liked the moon. This is photo is set up with the ship directly in the middle, due to this i also centered my font and left a bit of space in the middle of the message so that I could keep the black font which matches the ship. I also chose a form of helvetica on purpose, hoping to not bring any attention to the writing but to make it almost seem as a secondary part of the picture.

Maserati Grid Composition

This is a picture of one of my favorite cars. I aligned Maserati's slogan, "Excellence Through Passion" with the top line of my 3x3 grid. I found a font, Palatino, that resembled Maserati's elegant status. I placed it on the left side as that is the natural entry point for our eyes. The red color draws our eyes to the center and provides a warm, yet powerful environment for the composition. Also, to make sure the image remained balanced and organized to the mind, I cropped the image to make each headlight line up perfectly with the two bottom intersections of my 3x3 grid. The headlights are extra bright and colorful to provide the piercing element to strike out at the viewers and bring attention to the composition.

At the Top

I really like the composition of colors in this photo. This picture follows the rule of thirds and I placed the text in the top right hand intersection to create an asymmetrical balance. I decided to use a color that complemented the background scenery for the text. 


I took this picture of the Y in between the two pillars on campus.  Using the rule of thirds I oriented the two pillars to be right next to the lines on the side.  I also put the text in next to the top line.


I created a 3x3 grid over the photo of Bradley Cooper.
On the axis of the points:
-I positioned Bradley
-I added text on 2 different points
The significant text is shaded red to draw attention.

compisition/grid-Collin Lund

I chose this picture because I liked the composition in the colors. The rule of thirds is also present as the thin line of yellow between the clouds and the sky is in the lower third. Also, when you look closely there is a ship in the distance in the bottom middle of the picture which really balances everything out.

Opportunity dresses in overalls

So I found this quote online and thought this picture exemplified a solid old man in overalls who looks like he has created opportunity through his life.  He visually takes up vertical left two thirds and so it left good spacing for the quote on the right side, and created asymmetrical balance.  I chose a simple font and put a white box on low opacity behind it to create better readability.  I placed the text with the top at the sweet upper right spot so it is visually at ease.

What you're looking at is an audio board grid from BYU Broadcasting. I tried to make the picture as symmetrical as possible. There are 8 slide faders that balance the picture from the bottom to the middle of the picture. It become asymmetrical as you approach the top of the photo. There are unique knobs on the top left, blue and red button in the top middle, and a keyboard in the top right. There are unique numbers spread across the board that deal with decibel values and whatnot. It's not as confusing as it looks!

composition assignment

The balance here is asymmetrical, as the small letters and logo balance out the bigger image on the right. By reading the text, it takes you down to the logo, which then - through the shoulder - redirects you to his eyes. I chose the black, white and red to emphasize this specific character, as his eyes are red in the anime. The text is a quote from him. 

Monday, October 27, 2014


This picture has an asymmetrical look to it. While, the left and right sides are not reflections of another, there is still a sense of balance. The weight of the words balance out the weight of the woman's silhouette. This picture, like all others, says a thousand words. It's such a fun and interesting way to convey the message of travel and discovery. The colors that make up the picture are calm and earthy tones. The message is inspiring without being too pushy. The typeface is inviting and pretty. The period at the end of the sentence gives the phrase a little more umph. It also gives the picture a more serious tone without being too stuffy. The word "live" says a lot. It urges people to not only complete their bucket list but to incorporate it into their lives consistently. I also think the placement of the words is interesting. It almost looks like the woman is whispering, "Live your bucket list."


For this image, I wanted the two main objects to be on opposite ends to follow the rule of thirds. Placing the text opposite of the boat creates an asymmetrical balance. Most of the colors in this image are fairly muted so I also made the text a similar shade of blue as the blanket on the boat to connect the eye to the main pieces in the image. The rule of thirds is very effective in creating a calming scene. 

Smile! Grid/composition

With this picture, I chose a 5x3 grid. I tried to balance out the value with one side being light and one darker. The textures are also balanced from not so textured on the left, to more textured on the right. My message is that the smiles are proof enough that they are in love, so I lined up the words with their smiles (to direct the viewer's eyes to the smiles) while still using the grid spacing.

Composition/Grids assignment

I used the rule of thirds with my picture. I really liked how the bodies create the center/focal point of the picture and then the little quote that continues with the grid system I created. And it's my own picture, not something I found on the internet... I mean, bonus point for that. ;) The end.

INFINITE Composition

I just had fun making some abstract art with song lyrics.
I used fifths across and thirds vertically.


When creating this image I wanted to keep it simple and clean. I used the rule of thirds to place the snakes head in the upper right side and also place the snake in the optical center of the page. I also used asymmetrical composition to balance the image and the copy (the snakes head in comparison with the first letter of the copy). 

I chose this image because I loved the almost symmetrical balance created by the snake and the bird. I chose to add in a bold and large text underneath the snake to add a stable base to the image. I used a bright color for "more" and decided to balance it out with more muted tones in "explore." I also made it more visually pleasing by implying a triangle with the bird, the M from more and the Snake. I used colors from the original image to give it a natural and exotic feel and to limit my color choices. I aligned the E of explore with the center line of the image to keep the image balance.
I applied the rule of thirds to my picture by using a grid to crop it. I added my text on the opposite side to fill the empty space in order to balance out the picture. I also put the text at the bottom to add extra weight in order to make it look more firm and stable (top to bottom) because the picture is top heavy (clouds and mountains).

I chose a light blue color for the text to represent the color found in the sky and the ocean color which was washed out by the sunlight and the intensity of the waves. The words are placed in a way to look as if they were following the footsteps. The font I chose has lines that are soft enough to communicate the feeling of ease that the picture exudes yet structured enough to communicate the deeper meaning of the message.

Composition/Grid Assignment

I tried to implement asymmetrical symmetry using the rule of fifths. The photo was previously completely in color with little to no clear focal point for the eye to follow, so I chose to only color the  two flowers that most closely lines up with the rule of fifths grid and were different sizes to draw attention to the asymmetry create something for the eye to follow.