Saturday, December 21, 2013

Are We There Yet?

            Having never used photoshop in my life before this project, I was eager to watch tutorials and read instructions on how to use the technical design program. I was thrilled to learn new skills as a result of this project and watch the visions in my head become a reality.
A distinctive element of design in my project is the way I played with a horizontal “rule of thirds” through the faded images on the first and second billboards. The image is cut into three parts as each progressing board completes the whole. It is more common to see the rule of thirds in a vertical aspect, which is why I thought to try it horizontally instead.
Another element I incorporated into the billboard campaign is typography.  I used a curly, almost-cursive font because I believe it emulates the sophistication of London, while still very readable because it is sans-serif and massive. There is also type used in the logo at the bottom of each billboard that reads “Delta” in the company’s stiff, block letters.
One more element I consciously used in the billboard project is asymmetrical balance. Big Ben is located on the far left side of the board and is the tallest object of the background picture. The rest of the background consists of a bridge and buildings that only raise about a third of the way up the page horizontally. The balance is achieved through the contrast of weight throughout the billboard.
With the way the skyline of London is progressively completed in each frame, I tried to create anticipation for the end product. The words “Are we there yet” demonstrate anticipation of what is to come.  Those two elements of anticipation combined help reach the goal of captivating the viewers’ attention. Delta is an airline that travels nationally and internationally. I chose a background of London because it is an easily identifiable landmark and won the vote as a place people wanted to visit the most when I conducted primary research. The ultimate goal I am trying to achieve is to get viewers to travel with Delta airlines. Simply seeing on the billboards that Delta flies to this beautiful, historic city should trigger emotions of hope to visit there someday. That emotion of hope and desire will be tied to Delta airlines as a result of this advertisement.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Baby Einstein Billboards

 For my three billboards, I chose to promote "Baby Einstein" and their platform for helping babies and little kids discover the world around them. Baby Einstein teaches kids about music, animals, art, shapes and number, and quite a bit more. I decided to focus mainly on the first three.

Each of the billboards implements an aspect of Typography that illustrates the simplicity of Baby Einstein's approach to teaching babies and toddlers, as it's context gives a simple example of how children learn through baby Einstein.

Also implemented in the billboards are various examples of continuation drawing the eye to important text on the billboard, such as the Baby Einstein logo on the art billboard or the facts about Mozart on the music billboard.

Each of these billboards is meant to accomplish one thing, and that is to explain that as children use Baby Einstein the things they learn come alive and they become the central figure in an exciting new world.

- Haley Tharp

Oreo Print Ads

Josh Keeton
December 20, 2013
Final Project: Oreo Print ads
            I am not about the clutter and unnecessary art in my advertisements. I like clean cut and simple bold designs.  I chose to do some Oreo Nabisco cookie print ads. I am a big fan of Oreos. I like their simple and straightforward designs.  Simplicity with creativity makes for a beautiful ad. That is what I was going for.
            I turned to some Gestalt principles, mainly continuation and closure. Gestalt principles have a lot to do with perceiving objects as a whole and then it flows into the details.  My ads have an overall framework but then they have little things to take in.
            My campaign idea though is to display the many different flavors Oreos have to offer. Many people do not consider other flavors Oreos have. So then my ads are geared to help people see the options they have available.
            Print Ad 1: Here, I used different flavors of Oreo crème fillings to show that there are a lot more than just regular and double stuffed cookies. So the cookie parts are absent but the crème is what is being displayed.  A continuation of flavors leads you to the Oreo logo.
            Print Ad 2: Here I used the Gestalt principle of closure. There isn’t anything that connects the two cookie parts, but the idea is for people to see a cookie but then fill it with what they want to see. Any flavor can be pictured.
            Print Ad 3: Displays a comparison of two crèmes to represent a different Oreo for those seeking a healthier alternative.

Prepare to Rock

I tried to instill the nostalgic feeling of a rock concert into the viewer in my pieces, as well as entice the the viewer to come to this show. I composed each image based on iconic things at rock concerts - the “rock on” hand sign, head banging and a lighter in the crowd. Each was composed ahead of time and then taken at a live concert.  Using the images I did puts the music into a genre in the minds of the viewer, and those who like the genre will recognize it and want to learn more.

I used composition in the photographs. I had a dominant and recognizable foreground with a blurred background in each. Each foreground piece is roughly the upper right cross point of the rule of thirds. I chose DIN as my font because it is a san serif, which makes it good for titles and headlines, it is bold and legible, and it gives each piece a modern feel (which represents the music we play, rock n roll with a modern twist). I used continuation in the headline of the hand piece, with the viewer reading across and then seeing the hand in front of the type. I used size in the font as well to add emphasis, with the headline being much bigger and centered compared to the body being justified left and smaller, with the web link being smallest and on the other side.

French Kiwi Juice Mixtape Promo

This is a promo video I decided to do as a campaign for a band called FKJ. The concept is a misfit guy who fits in elsewhere than with his home friends. Click on ze link!

The Fellows

For my final project, I chose to create an ad campaign for my cousin's band, The fellows. Between the 3 ads, I employed several of visual elements that we have discussed in class. In the first ad shown, I used continuation, closure,  and foreground and background with the circle. While it is simply an area cut out from the the background, you can still tell that it is a circle. I also used many typographical elements. I played with the font family, size, as well as the learning and leading. Finally, I played with asymmetrical balance in order to achieve an overall cohesiveness. 

Final Project - Brochure

For my final project I decided to do a brochure. I used InDesign and in the beginning it was very difficult because I have never used it before.
The things I learned in this class helped me a lot in this project.
First, I used to get nice colors to use in my brochure. Because my theme was Brazil, I tried to use the Brazilian colors: blue, green, and yellow.
Second, what we learned about typography was really helpful. I used fonts that go together with my theme. They are clean and go together with the logo I created for the organization.
When designers think about Brazil, they think about round, abstract and bright colors. I had that in mind when doing the design at the bottom of the brochure. I also used the continuation principle.

The Beauty Project

Media is constantly establishing beauty standards. Women are their main target and a lot of women really follow this standards forgetting what beauty is really about. In this video I want to show to beautiful ladies saying what is beauty for them. I didn't want to really show their faces because what I'm really to say is that beauty is not about looks. It is about who you are, what you do, how you do it.

Editing: I decide make it simple I put some slow motion and I put their faces a little bit out of focus
Typography: I decided to use bold sans serif letters for me they really make an statement.
Perception: I decided to use to girls from different countries to see if their perception of beauty changes or not.
Colors: I try to keep a warm light during the interview to give it a sense of comfort.
Music: I decided to use different music. First I want it something more soft and subtle then for the first interview I kinda of wanted to go with what I feel in the interview. Veronica was sweet and she seemed relax during the interview.

You can watch the video here:

The Dishwasher - By Bosch

So I am advertising the new Bosch Dishwasher in the ads. The focus is that the dishwasher is equipped with faster wash cycles, it has a lot more room to store dishes and it is one of the most quiet dish washers out there. Very simple composition was used. In the first two there is a monochromatic color scheme and the rule of thirds is used with the dishes in the first photo and then the pin also uses a rule of thirds as well. It also creates balance with the dishwasher. The third photo creates the gestalt principle Similarity with the three runners laid out on the track. 

Eric Smith

A Ridiculous Number of Microphones. Zoom H2n

My product is the Zoom H2n, a portable condenser microphone with no less than five (5), condenser microphones contained in its top half. At $139.00 on, it's insane value for money, and has the sound quality to match. Seriously, it's good. With that in mind, I crafted my posters to be a call to action to all the proletariat musicians and videographers looking for good sound without having to sell their kidneys. It's a sonic revolution.

Salt Lake City Comic Con. Billboards

In addition to meeting the general requirements of this assignment, I tried to achieve a billboard design that would be simple enough for passers-by on I-15 to easily consume all of it, yet interesting enough to catch the attention and keep it long after someone had passed the stationary piece. The design should pander to the key publics of the event, so the different designs appeal to different cliques that all go to comic conventions. The billboards also achieve some mass appeal by using a mascot that is particularly catching to young children, and thereby, parents. Having a unifying symbol for the convention, like the mouse, give the event an identity; as that identity is revealed in different uniforms more people can relate to it and so the impact of the symbol is more widespread.

Color, typography, and gestalt principles of design also contribute to the design's semiotics. The boarders, colors, typography and subject of the frames invoke the frames of a comic book, visually tying all of the information and thirds of the billboard together.

The most creative aspect of the image is the combination of the "C" and the superscript "3" to create the ears, back and tail of the mouse. This combination of easily recognizable characters when combined with the outline of the front of the mouse gives the billboards a contemporary, street/pop art feel that can be appreciated by older audiences for its ascetic appeal and by younger audiences for the "Cool-Joe" mouse.

I had a lot of fun with these billboards and I think some of that passion comes though the color and detail of the mice. I also enjoyed the class very much and hope that these reflect that I really have learned something in it.  

Out with the smog and in with the Christmas Cheer!

We are all aware of the huge smog issue that Salt Lake and the Provo are have especially during the winter. I usually go to Salt Lake at least two to three times a week and noticed that for such a bad smog problem we really aren’t doing much to solve it. The only advertisements that I have seen concerning the problem are the electronic signs that say, “share a ride to reduce smog”. Well I thought I could come up with a better ad than that. So I decided to create three billboards for the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT).

Many Design elements were used in designing these billboards. The first thing that I wanted to use was COLOR. I used I contrasting colors that would grab the attention of those that are driving by it. I also used the Gestalt principle of Proximity to use a bunch of small toy icons to make a larger image that looks like a wrapped present. I also used the principle of  similarity in make a Christmas tree out of traffic lanes with the HOV lanes signature double white lines. The last design principle that I used was Typography. I tried to use a mix of modern fonts and some handwritten fonts to give it a clean look but to also incorporate the Christmas theme that I wanted to use. I also used

Overall I wanted to achieve holiday billboards that would encourage people in a creative and remember able way to think twice about carpooling and to use the great public transit that we have here in the area to reduce the amount of smog that we battle the valley.

BCrow's Nest Podcast!

Just like the crows in the olden days traveled great distances to deliver important information, B-Crow does the same with his own view on the sports world. (Final Project)

Song: "Step Out" by Jose Gonzalez

Ad Campaign Final

For my final I chose to do a print ad for Japonesque makeup brushes. I'm not at all versed in the ways of computer editing programs and I am not a talented makeup artist, but I did the best I could to get my message across.

I have often had the thought that I'm creating pieces of work when I use those makeup brushes and I wanted an ad to show that you don't have to look like the typical models in magazines to be beautiful; beauty is what you make it, or makeup. 

I used color, typography, and balance to create different effects with each ad.  

   For the first one I used pink and frilly font to evoke a whimsical, playful sensation. Because of the lack of quality of my camera and the lighting and editing, you can really see the glitter makeup I used for this one, but I was trying to connect to the "wanna-be princess" that lies dormant in most girls.

   As for the balance, I used the same technique for all of them. They are each slightly off centered, but just barely to the left, and the brush on the right side is pulling the picture back into balance. It was a little more obvious when I was working on them but somehow they became warped and really narrow so they look more centered.

   The second one was red and black to relate to the passion and danger of the wild child. The one who's not afraid to get a little aggressive and a little dark. The font is more aggressive and seductive as well, as if to seduce you to create your own beautiful wild child. 

The last one I did in a pale yellow to make it feel more warm and comfortable, how women should feel in their own skin. The font is more relaxed and comfortable too, like you don't have to dress it up for it to be appealing. 

I wanted to show that you can try out different looks or be yourself and still be beautiful. You can be all sorts of inventive and imaginative with those brushes and come up with several looks. You can create your own beautiful. 

Bowl Game Promotion

My goal with this project was to bring attention to the cause behind the bowl game .

I focused most on composition, typography, and color.

In each promotion I wanted to emphasize a word in the title though use of typography and subject matter.  I chose to use a simplistic concept using only a picture and the title so that it would spark interest and curiosity.  I want it to provoke people to go to the website and find out what this is all about.

WHAT IS MISSING? YOU. Comms 303 Final


Jennifer Frost                                    Visual Literacy Final                       Comms 303 Professor Cutri

            The billboards goal is to motivate people to seize an adventure, exploration, and beauty by visiting Utah National Parks.
            Part of the inspiration for my designs come from the travel bug in me. With school and work, I can only spend so much and go so far- but here in Utah, we have a luxurious outdoor playgrounds that are underutilized.
            1-Pictures of the national parks in Utah are composed to their size and placement to show the vast natural beauty of Utah waiting to be experienced. I used pictures that are full of bright (refreshing sunrises and sunsets) and contrasting colors that can convey freshness, life and beauty. The typography of Utah is used in a white font color so that while the eye is capturing the beautiful images of National Parks, the person can connect that these adventures are in Utah.  The question,  ‘Have YOU Lived?’ is positioned at the top to prompt reflection about have you lived in Utah, truly lived in Utah and experienced these adventures. The ‘YOU’ is in all caps and bolded to almost shout, as we learned, that this billboard is talking to you. This billboard wants you to live in Utah by seizing adventures, exploring and taking in the beauty of Utah National Parks.
*The format in the two Bryce Canyon billboards could also be altered with pictures of Moab, Capitol Reef, Canyonlands, or Zion’s National Parks.
            2-The second billboard captures the complimentary colors of blue (sky) and orange (Bryce Canyon formations). The Gestalt principle of background/ foreground is depicted with the symbol part of the Bryce Canyon picture taken out in the shape of person (or the symbol of a man that we associated with being a person). The Gestalt principle of background/ foreground allows the reader to reflect on the question and then see the image and be able to place themselves in the picture where the white man symbol stands. The typography of ‘WHAT IS MISSING? YOU.’ is a stencil-like font to match the stencil image of a person. Since the typography is stencil, there are gaps in the lettering, but the eye is able to connect the pieces (Gestalt principle of closure). The ‘Bryce Canyon Exit 94’ is typed in a magical font to portray the magic and beauty awaiting you as you visit!
            3- I love this one! The picture is compelling with sky and unique rock formations of Bryce Canyon. The billboard answers the question many ask out loud or in the head of, “Is that earth? Where is that?” because this picture looks like it could be from another planet. Without the font used, the message would not come off as exciting or compelling. In many science fiction shows and books, we often see a certain family of fonts that depict conversations with aliens with more digital, old computer fonts and this billboard utilizes that perception. Since the font chosen can be associated with sci-fi and out-of-this-world experiences, it conveys that you too may go to Bryce Canyon National Park and have an adventurous experience that seems ‘out-of-this-world.’  The typography used for ‘Experience’ is a font that looks like it has been on an adventure and experienced something.