Tuesday, November 19, 2013

An Adonis Story

A lonely man(nequin)... 

...finds love.

It's torture to keep a guy waiting...

I tried to make this "story" unexpected.  For my first few shots I took footage of different views of my actor looking nervous...tapping feet, nervous hand movements, etc...this was to show his emotion and demonstrate the anxiety/nervousness to the viewers.  The next shot was of another male rubbing his shoulders like he's 'pumping' up a friend to do something big.  This shot along with the caption or title makes you assume that his anxiety is due to some interaction that he is about to have with a girl.  The image of him reaching his hand up as he is on one knee further induces the idea that he is proposing or asking something serious from a woman.  Then the last few seconds reveal a whole different perspective that changes the whole story.  It's meant to be humorous and show that images can make you think a certain way based on the view, the angle, the action, etc...and then the next image could reveal a bigger image or change the perspective completely.  It's interesting how you can tell a story in six quick images or frames, and how quickly that story can change from one image/frame to the next.

Provo Drag Show

Monday, November 18, 2013

I wish you would step back from that ledge, my friend.

I saw a tiny, nearly shriveled tangerine in our kitchen and it mad me sad. I began seeing it as an emo tangerine and then I wondered what would make a healthy tangerine shrivel up into and emo one.

 I took over one hundred pictures and made a mini stop-motion video out of it but it was way too long so I decided to just choose the six pictures that could tell the story. I don't have a great camera or even basic editing skills, but I think you can get the picture, 


We all experience rejection in one form or another. Sometimes we are rejected before we even get a chance, and other times we walk directly into it. I'll let my pictures do the talking.

Sunday, November 17, 2013


I'm not sure if this is someone's life or maybe just someone's idea of what life will be like, but here it is.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Silence is golden

I tried to get a sixth shot to add to this, but I felt that it just complicated the story too much and broke down the fluidity.

I HATE these stairs!

From raw to cooked

A Hen's Story

A Hen's Story

Every egg a hen lays, she proffers away

   to boorish, self-serving farmers

Who take them, then break them, and each in his way
   transforms them to what he prefers.

Should the hen get a chance, to see at a glance
   what the foul louts have made of her eggs,

Surely she'd be appalled, and as a reward
   on her deal with the farmers, renege.

The same goes for minds, who come up with lines
   they let myopic masses consume.
Arrogance and pretense are liberally applied,
   by cretins in contrived reviews.
 In the end, what is left when the authors intent
   is eclipsed by doltish conclusions?
Nothing more than the shell of ideals he once held
   and his painfully gained disillusion.