Wednesday, June 29, 2016

When Kei Akoi Gets Lost in Downtown Provo (Perception #1)

Sometimes when we pass things, even things that we pass every day, we don’t appreciate how interesting and beautiful they are. That’s how I felt about downtown Provo today. I discovered that getting lost and going to new places can lead you to some cool things.

An Albert Einstein pixel-like mural on a building in the first photo. I'm used to seeing the suburbs of Provo: beautiful university, identical houses, identical yards. Downtown Provo doesn't really fit, but because it doesn't fit, it gives it its own character. I took yet another wrong turn and ended up in what looked like a manufacturing junkyard. I thought it was funny that I could get lost in a place that looked so dangerous but I loved watching the sky and light shine through the metal. I didn't know you could just leave things like this out in downtown Provo. There were probably signs saying that I wasn't supposed to be there (though I didn't see any). At least I hope so. Definitely wasn't a place safe for kids or me.

My last two photos are on Center Street. The first is a beautiful mural of what looks like 1800’s Utah and I tried to capture a bit of the street to contrast the past and the present. The last photo is of my fiancĂ© walking past the Nu Skin building. I liked how the clouds reflect off the building and how his outfit somewhat balances out the American flag at the top of the photo. One of the things I love about photography is that it allows you to be a little more aware of what's around you. I didn't know downtown Provo was so different and interesting because sometimes I get caught up in tunnel vision and forget to look outward and really see what's around me.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Time,Space, and Matter

I really enjoyed this assignment, because it open my eyes to interesting things in my little world that I never new existed. The first thing I noticed was these roman numeral clocks spread through out  down town provo area. This was striking to me because I want to know more as to why they positioned in those places. I also want to find out if they symbolize more than just keeping time.

 I thought this little hide out/ stash was a man made hole or is it the fortress of a small animal? It was intriguing because it was in a very busy area, and I didn't expect a hide out with black brick and green trees to be in that area.

I found these on a wall near a sandwich shop. I looked as these chipped out spots on the wall and this is what I saw?! I thought it was a cool find. they are each probably 5 ft tall.

Someone created a pixel art on a post office label and stock  it to a electric meter. Maybe someone wanted to say that Trump would "send us" to the zombie apocalypse.

Behind the Face: Amy Michelle Staker

Downtown Provo has always seemed like a beautiful, trendy place to me. But, today I looked at the town from a darker lens. I discovered that behind the hipster stores and pricey restaurants is a place that isn't quite so gorgeous. I walked down an alley by Los Hermanas. You can find trash, graffiti, and life at work. 

Isn't that how life can be? Behind a pretty face, we all have weaknesses and blemishes. It may not be obvious to anyone at first. We see perfect profile pictures and highlighted adventures. But, behind the scenes everyone has slow and ugly moments. 

Perception - Tyler Stevenett

Downtown Provo has a lot more to offer than what can be seen at a quick glance. For me, Provo City Center carries vibes similar to those I feel when walking around Old Main Street in Park City, and I'd love to do this activity again up there on my own time. I was amazed at how much I learned and saw by simply taking the time to look. I learned that the "brick" work crossing Center Street at University Avenue toward the Provo City Center Temple is not actually brick at all... it's some sort of paint finish. I found that while we do have graffiti in Provo, some of it carries with it the religious encouragement from our culture: "Seek and you will find." I learned that there is an underground venue hall right off University Avenue, one that I almost walked right by, called the Underground Social Hall. I learned that all of Provo Town Square and its shops/restaurants are interconnected by a pretty cool brick and wood hallway (hint: See that door at the back of Rockwell Ice Cream? Go through it!). I also found a little bit of Provo's artistic scene down this hall, seeing different types of wall art and accent pieces. It's amazing how much Provo has to offer if we simply look. I wonder how much more I'm missing in the world.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

perception activity- Morgan (Puzey) Van Matre

I really enjoyed this assignment. My husband and I were even able to make a date night out of it. I'd been to Center Street many times before, and I've noticed some unique things those times as well. This assignment was nice because it required me to find lots of quirky details as we walked down the street. I saw statues that I'd never noticed before, saw many creative store fronts, and smelled a lot of good food.
My first picture is of Mickey Mouse. We found it in a dirty display window for a store that seemed to be selling Provo souvenirs. It was funny to see Mickey placed among a plentiful scattering of Provo exclusives. (and to see how much Provo memorabilia is actually in existence) This photo also almost shows which hand the Statue of Liberty holds her torch in.
My second photo is of a statue of a female doctor. I couldn't believe that I hadn't happened upon the statue before on one of my Center Street visits. While doing this assignment, the statue seemed so obvious and easy to notice. I must usually go to Center Street when it's darker outside. Or maybe I'm less observant than I'd like to be. Either way, this assignment taught me to perceive more, even if I need to start with obvious statues.
My third picture is of a word on a building. I found this interesting. The building said "Excelsior" and that it was built in 1890. I looked it up online later and found that it used to hold a pharmacy and dentist on the ground floors. I also saw that the building is sometimes referred to as the old "Excelsior Hotel." It's interesting to see that it now houses Bruges Waffles and Fries. It was cool to think that people have been noticing that same word on that same building since the end of the 19th century.
My fourth picture is a sign that reads "kissing point." I thought it was a sweet idea. I'm also glad it didn't say NCMO point.
My last photo is of a pizza man statue. This differs from my previous statue picture because it has a sign saying that it was made by chainsaw artist. I learned about a new art form today. I cannot even imagine being comfortable enough with a chainsaw to cut down a tree, let alone create a statue.


Cloud's Perception #1

I have lived in Provo for two years, and honestly speaking, I rarely walked around Provo. In my mind, Provo is just a tiny boring place packed with religious college students who are trying to find their eternal companions. Personally, I really don’t like the scorching sun, that’s why I decided to take a night walk at downtown Provo instead. At 10 pm, most of the shops have already closed which made the street looked dark and gloomy. Luckily, some of the stores kept their display window lights on, and they were dazzling in the dark. Do you think you can find an ostrich at downtown Provo? Yes, you can! Surprisingly there are many interesting antique stores exist in this little town. I would love to come back again during the day, so that I can walk into those stores and take a closer look at the unique and intricate merchandises.  


I loved this assignment because I love downtown Provo. My parents just so happen to be in town yesterday and we walked down Center Street together. That was especially interesting to me because they remember this same street being completely different 25+ years ago. So I focused on things that were part of this evolution and change. I chose this unique lantern because I eat all the time at this restaurant, but I've never taken a moment to appreciate the design of this light fixture. The next image is funny to me because I've walked this street hundreds of times and I've never seen this little statue, but when I was searching for something new, this is what I came across. It's literally on the main street that millions of people walk down and I don't think anyone even notices it! Next is a shot of Rockwell Ice Cream. I've never been to this ice cream shop nor did I know it existed. But we went in and tried it. The next image I LOVE! There is a new shop called "Here" that is opening so this shop is super new. I love this display in their window because it's so unique and I seriously love the stacked furniture against the wall with the simple art. Next is a shot of a mannequin outside of a store called "Unhinged." I've actually been in this store, but it wasn't until last night when I noticed flowers coming out of the head of this mannequin. There was surprisingly multiple interesting spots I never thought about all throughout downtown Provo.

Monday, June 20, 2016




Walking in downtown Provo and searching for new sites opened my eye to places and artwork I had never noticed. I loved having an attitude of exploring instead of rushing to where ever I need to be. I was surprised that there were so many places I had never seen before or updates I had not noticed. For example, Zeek's is now Marley's with a motorcycle on the roof. I am sure this update happened awhile ago, but I had noticed it until this week.