Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sean Good - Toasters have feelings, too.

Scott Peart "just cant get enough"

anthony abbott - paul the pear

beware, paul is a cannibal pear....

Tiffany Wallace - animation

I know mine is way under the 30 second requirement. :(
I was going to re-do it with more photos, but I ran out of time. 


Chelsea Sargent — Stop Motion

Mariangela Mazzei - Stop Motion

Bryce Cline + Duck Hunt | Paper Animation

Andrew Tiu - Stop Animation

Stop, Drop and Roll from Andrew Tiu on Vimeo.

Jordan Carroll- Stop Motion

Brad Faber - Stop Animation

The volume is a bit low, sorry.

Where Do Babies Come From? from Brad Faber on Vimeo.

Lauren Flores — stop motion.

Summer Holm-Stop Motion

Monday, March 14, 2011

Scott Stevens Photo Story

My daily struggle to get to campus.

Miriam Blanco - The Story

Derek Gurr — Bathroom humor . . .

 (: Hope no one was offended!

Lauren Flores — story.

Abby Young-Tell A Story...The Kid Who Could Fly

Anthony Abbott- 5 pic Story

Based on a true story.

back to the ice....

Scott Peart - 5 Pics to Tell a Story Assignment

Nicole Loumeau 5 Photo Story

I call this, "Sunday afternoon"

Eman Nnah 5 photo Story

Brothers Daily Routine