Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Charging Bull

Signifier- Charging Bull at Bowling Green

Signifies - Financial prosperity, strength and hope for America.

What specifically supports my analysis?

Everything about the bull is unrelenting. The size, strength and facial expression with nostrils flaring and brows turned down symbolizes a market focused on its chosen course.  The raised front leg and position of the body is symbolic of the bull ready to charge, representing an economy in motion and in control of its own destiny.

The mouth slightly open and the noticeable rib cage represents a living, breathing American market. The fact that there are no signs of weakness or flaws on the bull represents an economy that has no room for mistakes.  

The Lean Bull

1. The Bull on Wall Street

2. The Bull signifies strong business. It represents individual businesses and the economy as a whole. Just like the bull, business must be fast, ready to adapt, lean, and fierce.

3. The biggest thing that stands out to me about this bull is that you can see its rib cage. This is a clear sign that this bull is lean. There is no room for unnecessary fat in this bull, just like there is no room for dead weight in a company. The bull's muscles are highly defined, also signifying strength, and showing that each part of the bull is well conditioned and lean. This could also represent the different parts of a company that each have to well conditioned.

Bulls and bears are the symbols of business. They are both strong, but a bear signifies a different strength than a lean bull. Both of these symbols relate ideas that are much more effective that words.

Semiotics 2

Signifier: The Charging Bull near Wall Street in Manhattan.

Signify: It signifies financial well-being and fortune.

Analysis: The bull is placed near Wall Street. Wall street is a financial zone in NYC, this is where the New York Stock Exchange is. The bull itself is a common symbol of strength, especially financial strength. The bull as an animal is strong and feared by many. Nothing can really slow a bull. In the same way, someone who is doing well financially can be related to a bull. If they invest well and take care of their money, that can appear as a figurative bull. They will be strong despite what is going on around them.

Bull of Wall Street Assignment

Semiotics Assignment 1:

What is the signifier? The signifier is the Bull known as the bull of Wall street.

What does it signify? The bull signifies strength, wealth and power. The bull symbolizes the power that the stock market has and how it is ready to attack whatever comes its way.

What specifically supports your analyses? The bull is made out of bronze which not only represents money and wealth but it is what weapons of war were made out of. This portrays to me that the stock market and business in the financial capital of the world is like going to war and that America is dominate in the fight. A bull is always strong and pushing forward, I think this symbolizes that we too must constantly push forward. Finally, I believe the position the bull is in one of control. I would not dare cross that bull and I believe that it what the sculptor was saying about Wall Street, that Wall Street controls much of America and its wealth.

bull of a market

The Wall Street Bull is 11 feet tall 16 feet long and over 7000 pounds. The massive bronze bull has sharp horns, is in motion, and appears ready to charge. It is strong, and powerful.

The Wall Street bull is a beautiful work of art done by Arturo Di Motica and is a symbol of the stock market. It is a phenomenal representation of a bull market. A bull market is a market whose share prices are rising, and who future appears prosperous.

1. The signifier is the physical bull.

2. The bull signifies The stock market or the bull market.

3. The strength and size of the bull represents the power and strength the stock market has in the economy and in our lives. The fact that the bull is energetic and in motion symbolizes the constant movement of the stock market. It is unpredictable as to where the bull is going or what it is going to do; this unpredictability is a representation of the ups and downs of the stock market prices and its unpredictable nature. The bulls horns are sharp and ready to gored, just like the stock market is ready to gored whoever is too risky in the stock market.

It is interesting to think that the bull could symbolize different things at different times depending on how the market is doing as a whole. In times of prosperity it is easy to assume that the bull represents a bull market that is positive and shows a prosperous future; although, during times of famine the bull could symbolize something that is more dangerous, unpredictable, and to be respected more than to be tampered with.

Semiotics Analysis of the Bull

The signifier of this image is the bull. It is made of a strong medal and is sitting in an aggressive pose and is located in the center of the financial capital of the world. The initial message that this image was trying to share was that the US economy is like a bull. Meaning that it is aggressive and that no one can stop it from moving forward. This is placed on wall street to remind those working there to be like a bull and to push forward. Today I would say that it also is a metaphor for why the economy crashed. The economy moved like a bull, forward without thinking and without evaluating it's decisions, which lead to economic problems.

Collin Lund Semiotics 1

1. What is the signifier?

It is s large, brass bull, probably in New York City, in front of the Merrill Lynch offices. It is also the logo for Merrill Lynch, which is a financial wealth management company.

2. What does it signify?

The bull signifies that the company is larger and better than the rest of the competition; anyone looking to enter in the same market as Merrill Lynch is going to be very intimidated and will not survive. Merrill Lynch is a respected powerful company who will do anything to make sure they are the winners.

3. What specifically supports your analyses?

It is headquartered in New York City, and occupies the entire 34 stories of the Four World Financial Center building in Manhattan. With over 15,000 financial advisors and $2.2 trillion in client assets, it is the world's largest brokerage.

Semiotics Analysis on the Bull

1.     The signifier in this photo is a sculpture of a brass bull, known as the Wall Street Bull.
2.     The bull is a symbol of the wealth and aggressiveness of the stock market, and the unknowing of what will happen with stocks.

3.      The artist used this bull out of bronze, first to depict the wealth of the stock markets. The bronze material gives the idea of money, rather than concrete which is cheap and simple. Also, the bull is placed on a sidewalk in the city, where most business with the stock market takes place. The bull is placed in a position where he looks like he is about to attack, but it is uncertain what or where he will attack. I think this is the symbol of the stocks constantly going up and down. The uncertainty of the bull’s next move is also the uncertainty of what stocks will rise or fall. Also bulls are dangerous, and I think the artist too believes that the stock market is dangerous, but just like defeating a bull in bullfighting, when you hit a good stock the reward is great.

Semiotic Analysis of the Bull on Wall Street

1.  The signifier of this famous bull on Wall Street.  The signifier also could include the horns, the stance of the bull, and the look on its face.

2.  The famous bull on Wall Street signifies power, authority, and determination to succeed.

3.  Looking at the stance of the bull represents the determination to succeed.  People on Wall Street tend to be very successful people striving to do the best they can and earn as much money as they can.  The horns show a power and control over the situation.  We all know that the Stock Market and Wall Street controls our financial districts all over the country.  The horns show everyone who's in charge.  The large stature of the bull also shows the sheer power and size of the influence of Wall Street not only across the country, but across the world.


Eating cows is silly... like comic sans. Be reasonable and do what the nice font tells you to do.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Animals are my friends and I dont eat my friends

Don't Be the Big, Bad Wolf

 I illustrate like a six year old.

Hot Dog!

Vegetarian poster 1st draft concept

I forgot to share this last night.
My original concept was to be much more photorealistic, and depict a group of human survivors fighting over a chicken bone while sitting in a lush forest of naturally-growing food. However, I wasn't able to find the best images on the internet for that in the time we were working on it.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Room for More

Family, We All Deserve One

Animals are friends! Not food!

Veg Ad.

Hey You

Fueled by Vegetables

Be a Vegetarian

Vegan Poster

Eat Your Veggies!

Yep. My photoshop skills are uncanny. Not really, but I had a fun time with this one.

Illustrator is so fun

Vegetarian Poster

its good for the heart


Don't mess with us


vegetarian poster (jhonatan larrocha)

Propoganda for veggies

Shoot or eat an apple. Choose.


This isn't actually the message I originally wanted, but I had trouble making my cat look cute and cuddly. What I actually wanted to say was: 

"You would never eat me? Why are you okay with eating him?"

(coming from the Cat)

Go Veggie!!!

Way less cool than I imagined my end product looking

But it's okay! Extremely rough draft

Illustrator Poster: Live and Let Live

Vegetarian propoganda

Illustrator Assignment

Made by Justin Romney and Scott Chandler.

Human McNuggets

Advertisement for human mcnuggets....

Help World Hunger

Just Root It.


A Piggy's Plea

Look this pig in the face and tell him you want to eat him... go ahead... do it. Just kidding, I could do it, bacon's amazing.

Illustrator Poster Ad

Don't eat meat.

I know this is very basic, but I'm completely inexperienced when it comes to Illustrator. Either way I hope it makes you feel.

Illustrator Poster

Dan Haslam - Gabriel Gledhill - Rachel Libby - Alyssa Banks

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Accidental Art

I found this window-eyed guy creeping on me 

with the help of the camera angle i think it became art
 Autumn did good work in turning this tree into art
very concerned looking outlet

Thought Experiment

*What if humans had a sixth finger between their thumbs and index finger?
* What if everyone in the world had the same hair color?
*What if the laws of gravity went away and everyone could float around?
*What if instead of progressing, our society digressed in terms of science and technology, and we ended up living as if we were in the stone age?
* What if I were to go up and hug a random person, what would they think?
*What if vegetables tasted as good as ice cream?
*What if I were to fly to a random city that I have never been to tomorrow?
*What if hair grew straight up instead of falling down?
*What if I could run and run and never get tired?
*What if I was given a million dollars right now?

Accidental Art

I decided to look for accidental art while walking to and from school. The things that really struck me as impressive and beautiful were the patterns, gradients, and textures that I saw. I loved seeing repeating patterns like a long set of stairs with a cool shading on them or the pattern of bricks on a wall. On campus I also noticed metal pillars that have the most brilliant gradients that go from white to silver because of the reflecting light, and the simple textures of even carpet, and stained wood.

the lone survivor
a beautiful leaf contrasted by the concrete.
wrecking ball
weathering has given this storm drain  a sense of character and presence.

the green contrasted by the brown dirt. even though its covered, the green can't be hidden.
chip in the armour
even things as strong as stone can break.