Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Struck Blind

For as long as I can remember, leaves have fascinated me. Every walk home from elementary school consisted of a few leaf-like souvenirs. One time I walked around BYU all day with a golden delicious maple leaf that I'd selected out of a heap. I still reach up and snatch a leaf from a tree branch every time I set out for a run. Leaves are incredible, they're like the colored free samples you'd find in a paint store, completely provided by MotherNature. I love the focal point edge of the leaf. I am glad that this photo portrays my need to deviate from my natural course of action and destination in order to appreciate the seemingly mundane beauty around me. This is two steps off a campus sidewalk on the way to a building. I would want to remember the foreshadowed edges and evidence of ensuing autumn. and appreciate the green chlorophyll coloring, still so evident and managing to not blend in to the darker background green.

If I were struck blind, I would remember this. I would store the ability to relish these small things in the world.