Wednesday, July 6, 2016


These are kind of out of order, but the first picture is my husband and one of his friends at Bridal Veil falls. For me, this image displays balance because the gravel in the rocks and the streams of water falling in the waterfall play off of each other in an interesting way. I used the curve adjustment to darken the image yet brighten and enhance certain aspects of the photo so the details of the water and the rocks became more evident. I also loved the way the big rock on the left of the image balances out my husband and his friend on the right side of the image.

The second image is actually the point of view image. The tulips by the downtown Provo temple weren't actually that tall, but by shooting from beneath the tulips it really gave them a lot more presence in the image. I used the brush and the curve tool to select the tulip in the center and gave it a little more light. I then pulled out more red from this image. It was actually an accident when I created this reddish/pink hue, but I left it because I actually really liked the warmth it gave the photo.

The third image portrays the subject/background concept. I really thought about the 3/4 rule and aligned the diamond of my wedding ring in one of those corners. I made this image black and white because it dramatizes the photo immensly. I also used the brush tool to give more light to the actual diamond so it stands out a little more so we know it's the subject. I also used the curve tool on this image. Can you tell the curve tool is my favorite thing to play with?

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