Monday, October 14, 2013

The Single Story of Women Who, Physically, are Very Attractive

First, a couple videos of models as presented in the media:

A popular complaint against the media today is the 'over-sexualization' of women. The media is accused of creating an impossible and unrealistic expectation of beauty and countless arguments have already gone through it back and forth. What I think is more interesting, and pertinent to the current assignment, is how these super-attractive models are presented in the media, and it seems the physical qualities are not the only commonality attractive women are expected to share.
These videos, and many others, show us what kind of a person we can expect a super-model to be, and it seems to create a single story to encompass all of them. The media shows these women as being sexy, sensual, and also very, very dumb. These are not complex, interesting people, but women that have been pampered and the only thing they can understand or appreciate is sex.
This single story is very limiting, I feel, because in a way it creates a perception for ALL women, not just models. The implication is that a woman's intelligence is inversely related to her physical qualities. A super model can't be smart, and a smart girl can't be hot. In this way, this single story we are given for models is limiting and inaccurate on how society can perceive and appreciate women as a whole.


  1. It's unfair that a women's intelligence is based on her outward appearance before her actually amount of knowledge.

  2. I've met lots of hot girls that are surprisingly smart.
    I guess that comment proves how influential the single story is in our society.

  3. I think that the media takes a toll on women of all ages because of this "decision" that has to be made - do you want to be pretty or do you want to be smart? It affects a woman's self-esteem and confidence. It is demeaning and unfair that women are portrayed this way in the media. This topic is very interesting - good work!

  4. I think this interestingly is a double edge sword on women. They have to deal with expectations. However if they meet those expectations they are judged on a different level of personality traits. They often also give in to the sexualization as it is glorified.

  5. It amazes me how embedded culture has made the sexualization of women. Even if we disagree with it, we can still tell if someone would be considered "not sexy" or "sexy". I hate the reality of it, but I remember back to dating and how much physical appearance played into my impression of women.